Dani Telford


In Politics on August 6, 2010 at 8:41 pm

This, of course, is not exactly the term that springs to mind when thinking of London’s flamboyant mayor Boris Johnson. Yet with the occurrence of recent events alongside his sordid past, we can but only presume.

Much to my amusement, Boris found himself once again caught up in a somewhat tricky situation last week, when it was revealed he could potentially have fathered a child outside his current marriage. Since being embroiled in said paternity riddle, the character of Mr Johnson has naturally been in question but the matter we really ought to be addressing surely is, ‘are we talking about the same Boris?’ The ever so scandalous Daily Mail brilliantly encapsulated my thoughts with a headline that speaks nothing but truth…

“Why DO classy women keep falling for Mayor Boris the bumbling cad?”

Perhaps tis his long golden locks, charming manner and sporting physique that drives these women wild, or not.  The Tory Maverick is far from being the next Brad Pitt or George Clooney and thus it comes as a surprise to find such a ‘colourful love life’ lurking in this politician’s closet. Alas, my love for Boris due to his satirical nature is only encouraged by his antics however unfathomable they may be. You see, it is always going to be a good day when you wake up to Boris splashed across Newspaper headlines. It would seem Boris is able to make us laugh in the most adverse of situations.

For all intensive purposes, this ‘love rat’ has been caught out BIG STYLE.

Who’s the Daddy? ‘Supposed Father of the child Pierre Rolin (47) right or Boris Johnson (46) left.

The shock of red hair and blue eyes was enough to make anyone question the paternity of this child, particularly when such genes run in neither side of the family lines, yet it was the relationship between Boris and the mother of the Child, wealthy socialite Helen Macintyre (36) that sparked rumours of his deceit. Having been romantically linked many a year ago, in the early days of Boris’ journalistic career, to a recent ‘arrangement’ of a fundraising job for the London Olympics 2012, it was  only to be expected that hearsay would commence regarding the likelihood of Boris fathering this child.

Considering the Mayor’s track record of infidelity and lustful escapades, perhaps Boris has yet again fell unto his ardent desires betraying the trust of his loving wife Marina Wheeler (48) Barrister and mother of his four children. Or perhaps this is mere speculation and sensational scandal which interests us far more than the imperative matters of world politics and the ills of poverty. Living in what can only be described as the ‘media age’ it is not unsurprising to find that Boris and his ways with women are on the top of our riveting news finds.

To be sure, the idea of Boris being a ‘womaniser’ certainly brought a smile to my face and sometimes… that is just what we need.


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